2019 PMI台灣專案管理國際論壇



歡迎所有的貴賓與學員蒞臨2019年PMI台灣專案管理國際論壇, 尤其今年是PMI總會成立50周年以及台灣分會成立20周年,使今年的PTIC更具意義。也感謝總會理事長Mr. Randy Black,風塵僕僕遠道而來,特地代表總會表達對台灣分會的祝福。也感謝各界長官以及來自PMI亞太辦公室、中國大陸及其他地區的貴賓,特別是第九區的友會: 日本、香港、韓國、蒙古等分會代表蒞臨與會,當然更重要的,是所有會員們的參與,謝謝大家!

今年大會特別以 “與時俱進 - 迎向專案管理的未來”為主軸。回首過去50年,PMI無論是在專案管理價值的倡導、專案管理標準的制定、最佳實踐的分享與傳播、專業人士的認證等,都扮演著舉足輕重的角色,也獲致相當的成就。今天現場也有不少從台灣分會創會階段篳路藍縷,就加入我們、陪伴我們的資深會員以及為台灣專案管理付出貢獻的前輩們,讓我們向所有為專案管理付出的先進們,致上最高的敬意。
我們也應思考,在未來的50年,PMI會發展成什麼樣的組織?而專案管理又會如何演變? 前者將由Randy帶給我們一些方向,但後者我認為應該要留待大家一起來思考。專案經理本身是就個領導者的角色,所以應該要培養獨立思考的能力並保持創新的心態。透過不斷的學習與內化,尤其是經歷這兩天論壇的洗禮,相信大家對於專案管理未來將如何演變,可以激盪出一些想法。
每年PTIC以及所有學會的活動,都有賴於志工們的專業規劃與執行,在此對所有志工致上我最深的感謝。最後,感謝所有與會的會員與嘉賓,您們的參與,就是對學會最好的支持,謝謝您們!在此祝各位身體健康、萬事如意,2019 PMI台灣專案管理國際論壇順利成功。

  陳威良, PMP
2019 PMI Taiwan International Congress

Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, and all fellow members,

Welcome to the 2019 PMI Taiwan International Congress! This year is the 50th anniversary of PMI and the 20th anniversary of PMI Taiwan Chapter. That makes this year’s PTIC so special. I want to thank Mr. Randy Black, 2019 Chair of Board of PMI, for his coming from a long way to represent PMI and support us. I would also like to thank delegates from the governments and industries, and from PMI Asia Pacific, China, and other regions, especially the chapters from PMI Region 9: Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Mongolia. Most importantly, I want to thank for all of your participation. Thank you!

The theme of this year’s PTIC is: “Staying Ahead – Building a future-proof Project Management Profession”. Looking back the past 50 years, PMI has played a leading role in promoting the value of project management, establishing of the project management global standards, sharing and distribution of project management best practices, and the certification of project management practitioners. Today, we also have senior members who have been with PMI Taiwan Chapter since 20 years ago. Let us show our utmost appreciation to those who contributed in the development of project management in Taiwan.

We should also think ahead. For the 50 years to come, how will PMI develop into and what will project management evolve to? For the former question, I think that Randy will give us some insight in his speech. As for the latter, I would like to leave it to you to think. As a project manager, we are leaders. So we should be able to think independently and keep a mindset of innovation. Through continuing education and innerization, especially through learning in these two days of PTIC, I believe that we will all be inspired and have some ideas of how future project management will be.

The PTIC and all activities in the chapter are all attributed to our volunteers. I would like to express my deepest appreciation to them. Lastly, thank you again for your participation today. Being here means the greatest support to us. Wish you all the best and prosperity.


William Chen, PMP
Chairman, PMI Taiwan International Congress
President, PMI Taipei, Taiwan Chapter




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